Cherokee Football NDN All-Star Profile

NDN All-Star #2 – Sonny Sixkiller (Cherokee)

As a huge football fan AND a huge University of Washington Huskies fan, my #2 draft choice for my NDN All-Stars team was pretty easy – the legendary UW quarterback Sonny Sixkiller!

Sonny Sixkiller was one of the first Native American athletes that I knew of or about as a kid.  While my dad wasn’t a huge football fan back in the day, he did make sure that I learned who that Indian kid was that was throwing the football all over the place on tv…

In the early 1970s, Sonny was the face of college football and led the nation in passing!  His winning personality and bright smile made for great publicity and photo ops!  Sports Illustrated featured Sixkiller on their cover, with an article that – looking back thru today’s lens – is almost laughable in places in its attempt to be “cute” using stereotypical “Indian” terms.

Sixkiller was such a sensation that there was even a SONG written about him!  Check it out!

After college, Sonny played professional football in the World Football League for the Philadelphia Bell and The Hawaiians.  After the WFL folded, Sixkiller had a tryout with the San Diego Chargers but then hung up his cleats and moved on to other pursuits.

You may recognize Sonny from his role in the 1974 football movie “The Longest Yard” alongside Burt Reynolds.

If you follow Washington Husky football these days, you are sure to see Sixkiller on tv, or hear him on the radio talking about his beloved Huskies…

Sonny Sixkiller – #2 on the list, and #1 in our hearts!

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